Shipping, the Wave 1 Toy List, and a reminder about Address Changes

Hi Everyone!

First off, yes, things are progressing with shipping. There is a tremendous amount to get through, requiring a massive amount of organization, which is why I am in China making sure the only direction is forward. It will take a little time to process, but it is getting done and to everyone who has been so patient, we are almost there. As promised, the contest winners will be the first receive the toys, followed swiftly by our pre-order customers and retail distributors.

A bit more good news: Applejack and Trixie will be shipping as part of Wave 1, meaning that Wave 1 will be including the following: Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Dr. Hooves, and Trixie. There may be 1 final addition to Wave 1 in the coming days, and we will make an announcement if it comes to pass.

Also, just to be clear, we are going to keep the toys under the “pre-order” category on our website until all of our standing orders have been shipped. Rest assured, if you placed an order, you will receive your toy. Right now our task is simply to process though the mountain of orders as fast as we can.

And again, if you have changed your address in the time since your placed your orders, please write to us at to update your address in our system (changing your address in PayPal or in the address history on the web store will not update our shipping queue).

More updates will be forthcoming, but it feels good to finally see the end of the tunnel.


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Let us know if you have moved to help make shipping smooth

To all of our pre-order customers, we thank you for your patience and support during this pre-order period.

As things are moving further along, and we prepare for shipping, we ask for anyone who has changed their delivery address to please write to to update the address on their order.

When you write in to, you should receive an email from Sales confirming your address update within a few days of writing in. We understand that some people may have moved to or from school addresses, military locations, changed PO boxes, or such, so please make absolutely sure to let know where you need your order shipped if you’ve moved since placing your order. This will expedite the process of getting the order to you.

Thank you very much for all your kind patience and enthusiasm all this time!

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Memorial Day Weekend 2015 Sale – 15% off all items in the shop

Now though the end of Memorial Day, we have a 15% of sale in the shop here at

Use the code MDay2015 to receive the 15% discount.

INSTRUCTIONS: To use the Coupon Code, simply click the “Shopping Cart” tab and then put the code into the Coupon Code field below. It should update the subtotal on the right, subtracting the coupon amount.

*This will also be the final sale we will do before the pony toys begin shipping in a few weeks.

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Hearts and Hooves Day SALE – 15% OFF our My Little Pony Merchandise!

It’s may be Valentine’s Day here, but in Equestria it is Hearts and Hooves Day!

We are pleased to announce that for Hearts and Hooves Day Weekend, we will be celebrating with a special Coupon Code for 15% all My Little Pony merchandise purchased at between February 14th and February 16th!

The MLP Coupon Code is: HnHDay15

INSTRUCTIONS: To use the Coupon Code, simply click the “Shopping Cart” tab and then put the code into the Coupon Code field below. It should update the subtotal on the right, subtracting the coupon amount.

*Tuft of cloud, Bright rainbow’s glow, and a Pegasus feather (for stirring) not included.

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Lackadaisy 2015 Valentine’s Weekend SALE – 15% OFF!

Time to spread the Lackadaisy love!

We are pleased to announce that for Valentine’s Day Weekend, we will be celebrating with a special Coupon Code for 15% off of all Lackadaisy merchandise purchased at between February 13th and February 15th!

The Lackadaisy Coupon Code is: Valentino

To use the Coupon Code, simply click the “Shopping Cart” tab and then put the code into the Coupon Code field below. It should update the subtotal on the right, subtracting the coupon amount.

Ain’t Love Grand!

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Upcoming Lackadaisy Sketches by Tracy J. Butler!

The last round of sketches went great and we are pleased to announce that we are planning to put more on sale next Friday (Jan 16th)! Check out the link below for more details.

Lackadaisy January Sketch Sale!

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Lackadaisy Vol. 1 Back in Stock and Available in Comic Retailers!

The Lackadaisy Vol. 1 Softcover book is back in stock in along with the 2015 Lackadaisy Calendar! The book is also carried by Diamond Comic Distribution and can be found or requested at most local comic retailers.

Lackadaisy on Amazon and in Comic Retailers

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Toy Release Status Update

Hey, everyone! It’s been a while and an update is long overdue. I’ll get right to answering the two biggest questions we have been getting: Yes, there has been a delay in the release of our next big batch of toys, but yes, they most definitely are still coming out.

We had to push our fall release back to winter, which we certainly regret. However, it was a tough choice that we had to make to ensure the highest quality. We will continue with more updates over the coming few weeks. We have some surprises in store and a few rumors to confirm as we move into 2015, so stay tuned through our Twitter page at and feel free to write to us at as well. Thank you for your continued patience and support!

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Pinkie Pie is up for sale! + Important Shipping Updates!

Hello everypony!

As the time draws near to when the first plushies are estimated to begin shipping (in a few more weeks), we want to make sure that your delivery address is current and up-to-date. If your delivery address has changed from the one that you input during the time that you placed your order, please write back to let us know as soon as possible and you will be assisted. (This may especially apply for addresses in schools, military zones, and others.) For assistance in this matter, please write to us at:

We also wanted to let you know that Pinkie Pie is available for pre-sale. For those who want both plushies (Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle) and don’t mind to wait a couple more months for Pinkie to arrive (it is estimated to arrive in August), you will be able to order the two ponies together if you want to save on shipping.

For those who have previously ordered Twilight Sparkle and want to add a Pinkie Pie to their order (and are willing to wait a couple months for both toys to ship together), we thank you for your order, and are allowing you to write in to us for assistance in combining your previous order with your new order to save on shipping. You may write to us at for assistance in this matter.

Additionally, those who ordered previously ordered multiple Twilight Sparkle plushies, we will be retroactively combining your order, and if you were charged for each item to be shipped separately, you will be refunded any extraneous shipping charges.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please write in with any questions or address corrections!


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Pinkie Pie: COMING SOON!

There is a new party-loving pony getting announced today! She will be arriving this summer and has her own page with some pictures over in the shop now!

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